Featured Image From URL Premium is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use an external image (from anywhere) or video (from YouTube) as Featured Image of your PostPage and Custom Post Type, such as WooCommerce Product.

For WooCommerce users (2.6.X and later), It’s also possible to use external images or videos in the WooCommerce Product Category and WooCommerce Product Gallery. And the plugin is compatible with WP All Import.

You can also integrate the plugin to Flickr to use external thumbnails that will make your site really faster.

All included content still has social tags to facilitate sharing on social networks.

And you can apply your CSS style or 18 available hover effects to the external featured images.

To finish, you still can use a slider of external images instead of a featured image.

Using Featured Image From URL Premium with…

1. External Videos (from YouTube)

2. External Images (from anywhere)

Applying Hover Effects

Make your front page cool! Choose a hover effect in the plugin settings to be applied to all external featured images of your posts on your main page. Featured Image From URL Premium has 18 hover effects available. Check it out! Just choose an effect and move the mouse over.

Free Vs. Premium Version

Free Premium
External Thumbnails (Flickr integration) No Yes
WooCommerce Compatibility 2.4.X and 2.5.X 2.6.X and later
External Featured Video No Yes
External Featured Image Slider No Yes
CSS Style No Yes
Hover Effects No Yes
Priority Support No Yes


1) “Is my theme compatible with Featured Image From URL Premium?”

Compatibility between Featured Image From URL Premium and the 50 most popular themes on WordPress Theme Directory:

01) Twenty Seventeen: yes;
02) Twenty Sixteen: yes;
03) Twenty Fifteen: yes;
04) Twenty Fourteen: yes;
05) Total: yes;
06) Twenty Twelve: yes;
07) Giga Store: no;
08) modernize: yes;
09) Sydney: no;
10) Twenty Eleven: yes;
11) Twenty Thirteen: yes;
12) Eleganto: no;
13) E-Shop: yes;
14) Twenty Ten: yes;
15) Shop Isle: no;
16) ColorMag: yes;
17) Illdy: yes;
18) OnePress: yes;
19) Spacious: yes;
20) Primer: yes;
21) Storefront: yes;
22) Vertex: no;
23) Astrid: yes;
24) Fotografo: no;
25) Poseidon: no;
26) Silver Platinum: yes;
27) Peaceful: yes;
28) Customizr: yes;
29) Activello: yes;
30) Vantage: yes;
31) Maxwell: yes;
32) Clean Commerce: yes;
33) Nikkon: yes;
34) Nisarg: yes;
35) Vega: yes;
36) Resortica Lite: yes;
37) Basic: yes;
38) Panoramic: no;
39) Sparkling: yes;
40) Hueman: yes;
41) Businessx: yes;
42) xMag: yes;
43) Athena: no;
44) Shopstar: yes;
45) ajaira: yes;
46) evolve: no;
47) Alpha Store: yes;
48) Virtue: no;
49) Vogue: yes;
50) Responsive: yes.

Other popular themes:
01) Avada: no;
02) Porto: no;
03) Flatsome: no;
04) Bimber: no.

And I will continue updating those lists…

2) “And if my theme isn’t listed above?”

If your theme isn’t listed above, I strongly recommend you to send me the zip file by email. Then I can test and inform you if all plugin features will work with your theme. It’s really important once there is no refund for problems related to theme compatibility and, as you can see, some themes aren’t flexible enough to work with external images.

3) “How to get support?”

You can inform any problem related to the Premium version (except theme issues) by email. It will be solved as soon as possible and without any cost.

4) “Which plugins are compatible with Premium version?”

WooCommerce, WP All Import and others. If you intend to use the Premium version with a specific plugin, please ask me if they are compatible.

5) “Can I get my money back later?”

With the exception of rare situations, no way. So don’t go to the Premium version if you are not sure if your theme is compatible.

How to Get Featured Image From URL Premium?

After reading the FAQ and agree with the terms, click on the button bellow to be redirected to PayPal website. Once there, you can make a donation (US$ 25 or more, please) with your Credit Card or PayPal balance. Then having received your donation, I will send the plugin to your email within 12 hours. Thanks!