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Android Tutorial – Part 1: installing a development environment

After so many years developing for Desktop and Web, I think it would be great to create something for Mobile as well. Then I started to learn Android last week and my objective now is to develop an App that helps… Continue Reading →

Android Tutorial – Part 2: creating your first project

We already have our development environment installed, right? Then let’s create our first Android project now. 1 Open Android Studio 2 Start a new Android Studio project Some fields should be filled now. You can keep the default values or make your own choices. 2.1 Configure… Continue Reading →

Android Tutorial – Part 3: running your project

Once you have created your project, there are two ways to run that. The first one is creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) on your computer. And the second one is running on your smartphone. I think the most of people will prefer… Continue Reading →

Android Tutorial – Part 4: sharing your project on GitHub

We already have created and run our first app. Before adding new features to that, it’s a good practice to integrate the project to a version control system such as Subversion (SVN), Mercurial or Git. So here we will see… Continue Reading →

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