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How to make a release of your code using SVN

You have already done the changes in your code and committed them. Now you want to release the code. How to do that? How to create a new version using Subversion? That’s what we will see below! 1. Go to… Continue Reading →

How to change a file from a repository using SVN

Submitting changes to a central repository using Subversion is not difficult. But there are some steps to be respected at risk of committing mistakes literally. The safe route is as follows. 1. Go to the repository $ cd featured-image-from-url   2. Update the repository $ svn up Updating ‘.’:… Continue Reading →

How to add your files to a new repository using SVN

Do you have a new repository and would like to add your files using Subversion? Good news! Some few steps are enough for that. You will see that using subversion is easier than you could imagine. 1.  Create a local… Continue Reading →

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