Do you have a new repository and would like to add your files using Subversion? Good news! Some few steps are enough for that. You will see that using subversion is easier than you could imagine.

1.  Create a local directory

$ mkdir featured-image-from-url


2. Check out the repository

$ svn co

A featured-image-from-url/trunk

A featured-image-from-url/branches

A featured-image-from-url/tags

Checked out revision 1295344.


3. Go to the repository

$ cd featured-image-from-url


4. Copy your files to trunk directory

$ cp ~/testFile trunk/


5. Add your files to repository

$ svn add trunk/*

A trunk/testFile


6. Commit the changes

$ svn ci -m ‘Adding testFile’

Adding trunk/testFile

Transmitting file data .

Committed revision 1295348.


7. Of course you could also delete files from repository

$ svn delete trunk/testFile

D trunk/testFile

$ svn ci -m ‘Removing testFile’

Deleting trunk/testFile

Committed revision 1295352.

What did you think about that? It's so easy, right? There are no more excuses for not using Subversion. Tip: to know the other Subversion options, you can type "svn --help" in the terminal.