You have already done the changes in your code and committed them. Now you want to release the code. How to do that? How to create a new version using Subversion? That’s what we will see below!

1. Go to the repository

$ cd featured-image-from-url


2. Make a copy of the trunk in the tags directory using the new version number

$ svn cp trunk/ tags/1.0.2

A tags/1.0.2


3. And to finish, commit the changes

$ svn ci -m “tagging version 1.0.2”

Adding tags/1.0.2

Adding tags/1.0.2/includes/thumbnail.php

Committed revision 1295334.


4. Of course you could also delete tags from repository later

$ svn delete -m “tag no longer needed”

Committed revision 1296141.

No more than three steps to reach our objective. If you thought that release a new version of your code would be complicated, you fortunately thought wrong.